Can I change my shipping service after my order is placed?

Once you've placed your order the short term answer is unfortunately no, we cannot change your shipping service. This is mainly due to the timing of your order as this will cause delays in getting your order out to you.

 In most cases customers would like to change the shipping service this is due to paying a smaller amount and so we would need to reimburse the extra amount paid. On the flip side if someone would like to go from standard to express we would need to generate a new payment link and wait for this to come through before sending your order out.

By not changing the shipping service we also greatly reduce the risk of any shipping mishaps as there are a lot of factors that can cause delays in your shipping. By swapping services it runs the risk of complications which can further delay your order.

If you'd like to do this the best way is to request a refund on your order a remake it with the altered shipping, but bare in mind this would also delay your order as the creation date for an MTO would reset and an inventory estimated time would reset to the 5-7 days.

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