Toy Cleaning do's and don'ts

Keeping your new toy clean is essential, for keeping your friends looking fresh and also preserving the longevity of a toy. Here's what we recommend for our toys:


- Clean with warm soapy water

Good for after a toy session, letting your toys soak, then air dry on towels and popping them back in their storage bags keeps them looking fresh. Make sure this is soap with no additives and preferably unscented. The most basic soap you can get will get the job done just fine with no risk of damaging your goods. Once dry you can give them a dusting of corn-starch/baby powder but this will ideally need to be rinsed off before you toy again.


-Boiling your toys

It sounds extreme but its the best way to sanitise your toys after use, or if you were selling them on/sharing with a friend. 3-5 minutes in plain boiling water will have them fresh, clean and ready to go!

You can take this a step further by adding baking powder to the water, this will clean up any light surface stains and get rid of any lasting smells your toys might have.


100% platinum cured silicone like ours is fine for dishwasher cleaning.

The top rack of your dishwasher on the 'sanitise' setting cycle is recommended by many as a great toy cleaner. Although this might not be the best option if you happen to live with family..


-Toy cleaner Sprays

Whilst we've found boiling toys and warm soapy water to be an ideal cleaner, some people like to use toy cleaning sprays, available in most sex shops. These won't harm your toy, and a spray down/rinse/wipe will be just fine. Just avoid buying anything silicone based!

If you're ever unsure about what actions to take with your toy or have any concerns, please feel free to email our support team at and they'll be happy to take care of you!

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