Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?

Once an order has been place, it will move through a series of states.

While your order is in either in the "Processing" or "Production Queue" state, we can still cancel your order without any issue. Once an order moves into the "In Production" state, we have already begun to craft your custom toys. Any refunds from this point onward is fully at the discretion of Weredog and we may apply a restocking fee to and refunds processed.

What does my order status mean?

Processing – We’ve received your order, and are checking its details to make sure everything looks right. It hasn’t hit the workshop yet

Production Queue – We have confirmed your order. We’ve assigned the materials for your toy, and it will go into production soon – this is when the regular production times come into effect.

In Production – The workshop has the details of your toy(s), and it will be produced shortly! Some orders may skip this status if we make something really fast. At this point, you won’t be able to change any details about your toys – it may still be a little while before they’re done, however!

Awaiting Dispatch – Your toys are produced and are heading to be boxed, labelled and shipped. If your order only contains premade inventory toys, you will skip the prior “production” statuses.

On Hold – We’ve noticed something odd about your order, and have contacted you to confirm some details. Please check your email!

During normal periods, custom-order toys may take around four weeks to produce and ship (though many come sooner). For periods of high demand, you can expect this period to be extended while we work through everyone’s products. 

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