What can I do with Mason's Paw?

When we were looking for the correct term to use when it came to Mason’s Paws we thought the suitable term would be ‘Stimulators’, because we understand a great deal of you are interested in having a large creature step on your face, or… Elsewhere on your body. With this in mind we just want to be clear that these are solid soft silicone throughout and are as such not wearable.

If you’re going to be using him as a masturbator we recommend lubing him up, but if you’re just into the idea of touching and fondling him, you can use corn-starch or talc to make his feet wonderful and soft to the touch. And of course, the materials are 100% body-safe, platinum-cure silicone, pigmented with your colour of choice.

As all of this is going to be something of an experiment, not only for us and for you guys; we can’t know exactly how you lot will enact your fantasies with him. So, all we can suggest is be gentle, don’t bite, and play safely, and we expect these will last you quite a while!

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