Weredog after Brexit

So, now that Brexit has been achieved and some time has been given for the dust to settle, we are now able to answer some of those burning questions that have come up for what is going to happen for Weredog customers after Brexit.


The UK is now no longer part of the EEC (European Economic Community). Due to this our customer will now have to pay any import duties that at required at your boarders, because of this we have taken all of the UK VAT off of our toys for customers outside of the UK.


We have also removed some of our carriers as they are currently unable to deliver our orders to our standards. With this in mind we have chosen to continue with UPS and to add FedEx to our carrier lists for International orders.


Due to this we are currently unable to deliver to International PO Boxes but we are looking into the ability to deliver to collection points for UPS orders. An update on this will be given, when we have more information for you all!


Some of our customers may find that their import fees are more than the prerequisite percentage of their county and this is likely due to a excess admin fee that has been added by the carrier. We are unfortunately unable to reimburse customers for this extra cost at this moment in time, so we apologies in advance to any customers that find this issue. 

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