How do I upgrade my order?

If you have placed an order for a Made-to-Order (MTO) toy and you would like to upgrade the firmness or colouration, we have a few ways you can do this with minimum hassle.

Simply contact Customer Support via email or complete a ticket and they can send you a link for each upgrade or help you with any special requests!


Email us at

or complete at ticket here.


When completing different types of upgrades you will have to complete the following fields:

  • Order Number (The order number of the original order being amended)
  • Support Ticket Number (This is your support ticket number)
  • Which Toy from the order? (Name and Size are Fine, we'll find it!)
  • Firmness Upgrade Option (With our split and signature upgrade bolt-ons, we can also give your toy a firm base for extra stability!)
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