How do I upgrade my order?

If you have placed an order for a Made-to-Order (MTO) toy and you would like to upgrade the firmness or colouration, we have a few ways you can do this with minimum hassle!

Below are a few links for completing different types of upgrade. Each option will as you to complete the following fields:

  • Order Number (The order number of the original order being amended)
  • Support Ticket Number (This is your support ticket number)
  • Which Toy from the order? (Name and Size is Fine, we'll find it!)
  • Firmness Upgrade Option (With our split and signature upgrade bolt-ons, we can also give your toy a firm base for extra stability!)

Changing the colour of a solid colour toy

Contact Support. (

Upgrading to a split firmness/colouration

Upgrading to a marble colouration

Contact Support. (

Upgrading to a signature colouration/firmness

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