How do you grade your flops?

The quality assessment of our toys is extremely high as we know customers deserve the best quality toys for their orders. However, when a toy doesn't pass this assessment, it often doesn't mean the toy is unusable. Very often, the defects that we consider "flop worthy" are things such as colour leaks or minor bubbles to the base.

We still want to see these toys go to a good home! So for that, we grade the severity of our flops and then discount them on inventory once we have enough to constitute a "Flop Drop."

Our flops are graded from A - C, with A being minor and C being the worst we feel comfortable selling. See below for more information on each grade and examples of each.


A - Borderline - (15% Discount)

Grade A flops are ones where the defect level is extremely minor. Defects that would not detract from the overall look and feel of the toy, but fall just short of the level of quality we aim for. Some examples of these defects would be:

  • Small streaks or dots of pigment are out of place.
  • Minuscule bubble (Maximum 1 or 2) on the base of the toy. These would be invisible during use so have no impact on the quality of use.
  • Discolouration of the base of the toy due to pigment settling.

Here is an example of a minor amount of red pigment which has streaked across other colours to become a Grade A Flop.



B - Minor - (20% Discount)

Grade B Flops have defects that are more obvious than grade A. Such as more prominent discolouration or bubbling. Whilst these defects may be minorly visible, they would not affect the usability of a toy. Some examples of these defects would be:

  • Moderate streaks of pigment out of place. No more than 20% - 30% across the body of the toy.
  • Multiple base bubbles or 1-2 on the shaft. Shaft bubbles must not be large enough to feel during use.

Here is an example of a pigmented streak that would qualify as a Grade B Flop.



C - Intermediate (25% Discount)

Grade C Flops are the most severe that we will still sell to customers. These toys are still more than usable and will last for a very long time. However, the defects on these are more visible than in previous tiers. Some examples of these defects would be:

  • Poor trimming causes the base to look poor.
  • Major streaks of pigment.
  • Substantial bubbles on the base or moderate on the shaft.

Here is an example of an intermediate flop, where the pigment streak is extremely visible along the shaft of a toy.



If you have any more questions about our flops, please reach out to our support team at

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